Mounting a Windows drive on OSX

I have to begin this post by describing how my home work station is set up. I have 2 computers – a Windows server and an OSX machine. The windows server has all of my files (backups, movies, tv, podcasts, music, etc), which I’ve made accessible over Windows Homegroup. This nifty Windows feature allows you to easily share folders over network to all other Windows computers – you simply need to join the Homegroup (a network of computer which are local), and then you select which folders you want the Homegroup to have access to.

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Wardrobe CMS

New Beginnings, Part 2

Well, the Ghost blog didn’t really work out for me. I just can’t justify paying for a service that I can do myself. So I’ve moved my blog again, now using a blogging platform built on top of Laravel 4 called Wardrobe. This way if there’s anything wrong with it, I easily be able to fix it myself. So continuing the tradition of my first blog post reviewing the system I’m using, here are my thoughts on Wardrobe.

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